Roots and Wings

Community Preschool

January 22, 2018Roots & Wings Community Preschool
3703 International Way
Medford, OR 97504

From the Board President

Roots and Wings Community Preschool is a very special place!

In my exploration as a parent seeking an early childhood education for my child I came across many different options. Ones of different philosophies, curricula and staff backgrounds. But something about Roots and Wings stood out to me. Since my involvement I have only become more passionate and I become more educated in the area of early childhood education.

Like most parents, I do not come from a background of education. I have had a career in commerce and technology, so what would I know about what the BEST program for my child would be?  All I hear in the news is “kindergarten readiness” and I am left to think “What does that mean?”

At the end of the day I looked for a program that was realistic. It was what I could relate to. I took my observations of my child in her short little life and thought “What makes sense?”

Upon touring and then experiencing Roots and Wings, what made sense was these features;

A large classroom with kids of all ages. I know what most people think, large class size is BAD! But the way I saw it at Roots and Wings was more options and choices. My child, like most, has a short attention span (especially at age 3). She thrived when with kids of an older age as they had a way of challenging her at her level. So more of that was GREAT!

Teachers everywhere. The program does not only have a Teacher for every six student, it also has qualified classroom volunteers and practicum students. I appreciated the level of oversight available in the classroom.

Advice when I needed it. I cannot begin to tell you how smart Teacher Rebecca is! Of course she is smart, she is about to have her Master’s degree. But if there is one thing she knows it is child development. She quickly became my sounding board for every parent concern I had, and it all made sense once I was able to access the information filtered through her. Her parent workshops are enlightening and she has helped make me a better parent.

An abundance of heart. The passion and love the teachers have for their students is remarkable. It doesn’t end when the children go home for the day. Teachers work closely together to collaborate on how to help students flourish when at school.

Equality and diversity! I cannot begin to emphasize how remarkable these elements are in the program. This is what makes Roots and Wings a COMMUNITY preschool. Students come from all areas of Southern Oregon, from every financial background, family living situation and levels of development. ALL are greeted with the same open hearts and arms. Children “live” among each other while at school without prejudice or judgment. They learn to accept each other for who they are and not what they have or where they come from. Not only do they work together but they raise each other’s spirits. It is a beautiful thing to see your child engage in such a way.

This is what I wanted for my child!

I need to give my child something I could not provide at home. We can work on our ABCs and 123s. Roots and Wings is about experiences with activities I couldn’t begin to replicate at home. Do I want a giant tub of color water setup in my house so she can explore the properties of water? Heck no! Do I want her discovering how to work with paint on the walls of my house? No thank you!

With all the experiences Roots and Wings has to offer, she will be setup to be ready for the World, forget about just Kindergarten!

Best wishes for you all in your preschool exploration and experiences.


Ada Conner-Coash

Board President