Roots and Wings

Community Preschool

January 22, 2018Roots & Wings Community Preschool
3703 International Way
Medford, OR 97504

Parents Say…

Lena A says: “Roots & Wings is the only preschool I researched where I felt my children were welcomed as people not just paying customers. I also received positive feedback from my older son’s Kindergarten teacher regarding his readiness and the photo journal.”

Brian F. says: “The classroom and playground at Roots & Wings are filled with many child enriching activities. Add caring and fun teachers to the mix and it’s just perfect! We look forward to another great year!”

Carrie C says: “What I love about Roots & Wings is that my son is learning so much about the world around him, learning so many social skills while he is there, yet he does not even realize he it because he is having so much fun playing. He loves getting up and going to preschool! The teachers are wonderful.”

Jennifer P says: “I love how happy my son is to go to school and how sad he is when he has to leave and go home-that’s a sign of a great quality preschool.”

Scott K says: “I chose Roots & Wings because it is a wonderful, safe and fun place for my child to explore and grow freely.”

Ken S says: “It’s an extremely enriched program with a caring staff. There is fun kid stuff to do everyday. It’s not rigorous, it’s easy going.”

Wendy B says: “I love the amount of play which focuses on cognitive development and the variety of different activities that can be chosen from; allowing for the individuality and unique personality of each child to develop themselves.”