Roots and Wings

Community Preschool

January 22, 2018Roots & Wings Community Preschool
3703 International Way
Medford, OR 97504

Our school has a low teacher to child ratio; 6 children to one teacher, to better support the naturally active and inquiring child. Roots & Wings Child Development is based on sound early childhood educational practices and is dedicated to providing meaningful and relevant experiences for children. The curriculum is not contrived or driven by trends or politics—it is driven by the children. The classroom environment is thoughtfully arranged to provide opportunities to explore and inquire. There is time for wonder. Reflective and caring teachers are present as the child begins to discover connections and begins to make sense of his/her interactions with people, objects, and circumstances. Learning at Roots & Wings is an experience-rich developmental process. Roots & Wings is a research–based early “lifehood” program. Current research and understanding of how children develop and learn is the basis of our curriculum. By designing and offering appropriate activities, experiences and materials we hope to:

  1. Deepen children’s understanding of the world around them.
  2. Deepen their understanding of themselves in context of social experiences with others.
  3. Deepen their understanding and sense of self thorough physical movement, story and song. Your child’s developmental story is captured in a photo journal using photos, work samples and narratives that can be presented to their next teacher.

In a meaning centered curriculum there is a great respect for the child learner. There is sensitivity for the individual nature of learning and time to enjoy the process of learning. There is time to experiment, to make mistakes, then readjustments and time to complete a task to satisfaction. There is time to laugh and experience growth.

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